Mortgage Crisis pickets Hits Wells Fargo In Midtown Manhattan

Catherine Curan, NY Post Manhattan’s residential real-estate scene is roaring back — but don’t look across the river. The shadow of the foreclosure crisis is fading fast in tony enclaves like the Upper East Side, where home prices spiked 36 percent in the first quarter. Manhattan sales prices just logged the biggest single-year gain since […]

Wells Fargo Has To Produce Fraudclosure Manual To Federal Judge

Catherine Curan, NY Post Wells Fargo is in a federal judge’s hot seat. America’s largest mortgage servicer just lost the battle to keep its controversial Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Foreclosure Attorney Procedure Manual out of federal court in New York. At a hearing in lower Manhattan on April 8, Judge Allan Gropper admitted the manual […]

Wells Fargo's Foreclosure Manual

Wells Fargo Foreclosure Manual Forced Open By NY AG

NY AG Lawsuit Opens Up Wells Fargo Foreclosure Manual The Wells Fargo Foreclosure Manual used for committing foreclosure fraud has gotten the attention of New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and New York State Banking Regulators and now they want to talk to Wells Fargo executives. Schneiderman and three major regulators are now investigating allegations made […]

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