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MV Realty Files For Bankruptcy

MV Realty Files For Bankruptcy After 33 States Investigate Them For Hard Selling NTRAPS To Unsuspecting Seniors MV Realty has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 33 states. The story was first reported by CBS News. The company is currently faces lawsuits in multiple states. State AGs are investigating the company for allegedly misleading consumers and homeowners. […]


NTRAPS: The New Real Estate Scam Targeting Grandma

Title Advocates Say NTRAPS Or Non-Title Recorded Agreements For Personal Services Target Seniors  A charming real estate agent is helping an elderly couple sell their home except they are not selling right now. When they are, they have an exclusive agreement to use only him thanks to an NTRAPS agreement.  In return for signing the […]

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Real Estate Agents Have No Legal Obligation To Look Out For You

Real Estate Agents Have No Legal Obligation To Look Out For You Or Your Interests When They Represent You So you want to sell your house? Or you want to buy your wife her Barbie dream house? You would think real estate agents are required to represent your best interests. That’s where I need to […]

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Soap Star Max Ehrich Goes Into Hiding Because Of Psycho Realtor

Psycho Realtor Stalking Soap Star Max Ehrich Pulls Gun On The Young & The Restless Alum Forcing Him Into Hiding The Young and the Restless actor Max Ehrich is scared to death and in hiding. A Los Angeles real estate agent is allegedly stalking the soap star. The psycho Realtor allegedly became obsessed with him and pulled a gun on […]

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Real Estate Groups Nationwide Riled Up As GOP Lets Net Neutrality Die

Real Estate Groups Riled Up As GOP Controlled Congress Lets Net Neutrality Die   Real estate groups nationwide and real estate websites are preparing for the worst. On Monday Net Neutrality officially died thanks to GOP congressional leaders. Net neutrality had become popular even among groups who initially opposed it.  However, certain congressional leaders and Trump sycophant turned […]

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