Property Tax Increases

Property Tax Increases Cause Foreclosure Rates To Skyrocket

Local Property Tax Increases Are Causing Mortgage And Tax Foreclosures To Skyrocket Homeownership platform Knock has found that the nation’s double-digit home value appreciation is a double edge sword. It has pushed homeowner’s equity to record highs. However, homeowners are now seeing local property tax increases. The recent rapid appreciation of home values has boosted […]

Steve Mnuchin

GOP Controlled Michigan Tax Commission Says Tax Man Can Enter Your Home Without Consent

GOP Controlled Michigan Tax Commission Threatens Homeowners With Increased Taxes If Access Denied “They should try to get inside every house so they can assure that the info on the (tax) card is correct.” -Kelli Sobel, executive director of the Michigan Tax Commission Municipalities across Michigan have begun demanding access to the inside of private homes […]

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