Preet Bharara

Backstabbing Trump Fires Preet Bharara

Backstabbing President Donald “The Snake” Trump Fires US Attorney Preet Bharara President Donald “The Snake” Trump fired US attorney Preet Bharara. Attorney General Jeff Sessions asked Preet Bharara to resign in addition to 45 other federal prosecutors yesterday. Yet, Bharara was being defiant.  President Barack Obama appointed 93 prosecutors. 47 of them have already resigned and […]

Hudson Valley Developer Admits To HUD Kickback Scheme

Hudson Valley Developer Michael Barnett Pleads Guilty To Participating In A Fraudulent Kickback Scheme Hudson Valley Developer Michael Barnett of Ulster County pleaded guilty to conspiring to defraud lenders. He also made false statements to HUD in connection with his development of Vineyard Commons. Vineyard Commons is a luxury residential complex in Ulster County, New […]

Mortgage Fraud Criminal Defense

REI Firm Owners Accused Of Investor Fraud

CEO & COO of Cabot Investment Properties Arrested For Alleged Investor Fraud   Carlton P. Cabot, 52, Stamford, Connecticut, and Timothy J. Kroll, 44, New Hope, Pennsylvania, – the former Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer of Cabot Investment Properties LLC, respectively were arrested for allegedly participating in an investor fraud scheme in numerous real […]

Madoff Accountant Dodges Prison By Claiming Stupidity

Madoff Accountant David G. Friehling Dodges Prison By Claiming To be An Idiot “Tip for Fraudsters: Stupid is not a crime. Take the advice of Madoff’s accountant: ““I would rather be regarded as dumb than crooked.” — David G. Friehling” – Sam E. Antar A federal judge yesterday sentenced Madoff Accountant Mr. Friehling, 55, to a […]

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