HSBC Bank VP Convicted Of Sex Trafficking & Kiddie Porn

HSBC Bank VP Charles Familetti, Jr. Convicted Of Sex Trafficking, Kiddie Porn & Paying To Have Sex With An 11-Year-Old Boy Charles Familetti, Jr. was convicted of attempted sex trafficking of a minor and distribution of kiddie porn. He also convicted of transportation of kiddie porn and possession of kiddie porn. Familetti is a former […]

Pittsburgh Cop

HUD-OIG Special Agent Found Guilty Of Mortgage Fraud

HUD-OIG Special Agent Herschell Harvell, Jr. Made False Statements To Acquire A Mortgage Loan   After a one week trial, a federal jury has convicted HUD-OIG Special Agent Herschell Harvell, Jr., a former Special Agent in Charge with the HUD-OIG, of two counts of making false statements to First Tennessee National Bank, N.A. According to Acting U.S. Attorney […]

Fake Pay Stubs

Fraud Investigator Busted For Giving Lender Fake Paystubs

The Director of Investigations for the State of Connecticut Gave Bank Fake Pay Stubs With His Loan Mod Package If you are a state employee applying for a loan modification it’s not a good idea to give your bank fake pay stubs. Lynwood Patrick, Jr. allegedly gave JPMorgan Chase a fraudulent application with fake pay […]

Oakland county Circuit Court

Michigan COA Ruling Exposes Problems At The Oakland County Circuit Court

It’s Time To Engage Oakland County Circuit Court Candidates And Hold Them Accountable Last week, the Michigan Court of Appeals or COA reversed a foreclosure action that had been upheld by the Oakland County Circuit Court in Michigan.  In Everbank v Zeer, the COA ruled that  the Circuit Court ruled incorrectly and that there is evidence […]

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