aggressive westchester county foreclosure defense

Aggressive Westchester County Foreclosure Defense

We Are The Big Dogs When It Comes To Aggressive Westchester County Foreclosure Defense  MFI-Miami brings the most aggressive Westchester County foreclosure defense team to you! We are the only foreclosure and mortgage experts with the strength to successfully challenge lenders in courtrooms across New York. Others show off one or two victories but they […]

Westchester Residential Opportunities

Westchester Residential Opportunities Busted For Illegal Solicitations

New York Non-Profit Westchester Residential Opportunities Busted Poaching Clients From Attorneys White Plains-based housing non-profit Westchester Residential Opportunities is in hot water. WRO is being accused of illegally poaching clients by multiple lawyers.  New York foreclosure defense lawyers state their clients have been receiving letters and emails from WRO‘s Mortgage Default Director Veronica Raphael. A copy […]

westchester county foreclosure cases

Westchester County Foreclosure Cases Ride The Rocket Docket

Westchester County Foreclosure Cases Speed Up As Courts Implement Rocket Docket Westchester judges have implemented a rocket docket for Westchester County foreclosure cases. It seems the end is near for Westchester homeowners hoping to take advantage of the county’s notorious long foreclosure litigation time.  Other New York counties are taking Brooklyn’s lead in dealing with Westchester […]

New York Foreclosure Defense 411

New York Foreclosure Defense 411: Robo-Signing

New York Foreclosure Defense 411: How To Use Robo-Signing In A New York Foreclosure Defense People ask me all the time about Robo-signing. So, It’s time to talk about Robo-signing in this installment of New York Foreclosure Defense 411. A foreclosing lender must demonstrate three things in order to foreclose. The first being that they must prove the […]

New York Foreclosure Settlement Conferences

New York Foreclosure Settlement Conferences Can Save Your Home NYS law requires mediation to assist borrowers to avoid foreclosure. New York Foreclosure Settlement Conferences allow borrowers a face-to-face meeting with their lender. Homeowners can also benefit even if they can’t afford to keep their homes. What Are New York Foreclosure Settlement Conferences? Typical New York […]

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