Don Quixote Of Detroit Should Quit Getting Foreclosure Policy Advise From Dave Ramsey

I’m Sorry But Anyone Getting Foreclosure Policy Advice From Dave Ramsey Is An Idiot Steve Dibert, MFI-Miami I’ve been spending more time in metro-Detroit since moving my processing here from Florida, I have had the opportunity to reconnect with some old political friends I have not talked to in nearly a decade.  Although it’s been […]

Orlans robo-signing allegations draw concerns from lawmakers

Todd Heywood, Michigan Messenger Allegations that an attorney working for Troy-based Orlans Associates foreclosure giant is allegedly involved in robo-signing drew immediate concerns from lawmakers and activists. “This ‘robo-signing’ practice is degrading our communities and undercutting the integrity of our justice system,” said Congressman Hansen Clarke (D-Detroit), responding to aMichigan Messenger report. “I’m working right now […]

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