Michigan Should Be Thankful For George W. Bush

Bush, not Obama, put up the first $17.4 billion to save the automakers before he left office. Jack Lessenberry, MetroTimes Well, it’s Thanksgiving weekend, and all across America, those who can afford it are getting ready to overeat. And this year, regardless of whether you’re eating turkey, Tofurkey, Turducken, ham, kale — or volunteer at a […]

Author Of “Supply-Side Economics” Says The GOP Duped Americans

Former Reagan Budget Chief David Stockman Has Harsh Words For Reagan And  Bush Administrations “Then, when the Fed’s fire hoses started spraying an elephant soup of liquidity injections in every direction and its balance sheet grew by $1.3 trillion in just thirteen weeks compared to $850 billion during its first ninety-four years, I became convinced […]

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