Fort Lauderdale Drug Dealer

Fort Lauderdale Drug Dealer Gets Ratted Out By Satan Worshipping Junkie

Fort Lauderdale Drug Dealer Ratted Out By His Baby Mama And Her Satan Worshipping Junkie Brother Fort Lauderdale drug dealer Travis Herbert had a great drug and sex trafficking ring going. He was crashing in a posh white neighborhood using an apartment in someone else’s name at 307 Palm Avenue in Fort Lauderdale. He was […]

Is Michael Scott Fitzgerald The Village Idiot Of Naples?

Michael Scott Fitzgerald Allegedly Trolls The Streets Of Fort Lauderdale Enticing Sex From Prostitutes With Drugs I hate to say it but Michael Scott Fitzgerald really is the village idiot of Naples. In the wee hours last Thursday morning, Fitzgerald was prowling the streets of Fort Lauderdale trying to entice sex from women with less […]

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