Mortgage Fraud Kingpin

Mortgage Fraud Kingpin Fails To Report To Federal Prison

Judge Issues Arrest Warrant For Mortgage Fraud Kingpin   Ronnie Duke, the habitual criminal who rose to become the kingpin of a multi-million dollar mortgage fraud operation has failed to report to federal prison in West Virginia. Duke was convicted and sentenced in April to 13 years in prison for using a scheme that used fake […]

Trump Loving Racist

FHA Mandated Wall To Keep Blacks Out Now A Half Mile Mural Of Hope

The FHA Wall was the U.S. Government’s Version Of Apartheid Growing up in the white Detroit suburbs in the 1970s and 1980s, I had never heard of theFHA mandated Birwood Wall until I was in mortgage lending about ten years ago.  Up until then. I just thought of it as just a wall. Like many […]

Dethroned Boy Kingpin Of Detroit Strip Clubs Arrested For Mortgage Fraud

DOJ Says Dethroned Boy Kingpin Of Detroit Strip Clubs Committed Fraud Attorneys for the U.S. Attorney’s Office allege Bilal Haidar now 27,  lied about having a job and bank account on a mortgage application for nearly $742,000. The FBI says  Haidar lied on the mortgage application in 2006 for the house he wanted to purchase the Detroit […]

bank of america

Is Bank of America Causing A Squatting Problem In Detroit?

The Flawed Business Model Of Bank of America Flawed Business Model Is Contributing To The Squatting Problem In Detroit One of the biggest problems the U.S. is having right now in fixing the housing crisis. Reforming banks like Bank of America is the key. A racist lawyer from Idaho tried to convince me the financial […]

Kevyn Orr

Is Detroit’s New Emergency Financial Manager Kevyn Orr A Patsy?

MI Governor Snyder Is Either An Inept Leader Or A Master Of The Machiavellian Arts By Picking Kevyn Orr Okay, I admit, I don’t have a business degree from Harvard, Yale or even Wharton Business School but I do know how to spot when someone is being set up as a fall guy or as […]

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