new homeowners

New Homeowners Find Charred Human Skull In Backyard Fire Pit

New Homeowners In Suburban Detroit Find Charred Human Skull In Backyard Fire Pit Left By The Previous Owner New homeowners in the Detroit suburb of Trenton were tidying up the backyard of their new home. When they made a discovery you don’t find every day. No, it wasn’t an original copy of the Declaration of […]

John Conyers

Is Congressman John Conyers Contributing to Detroit’s Economic Problems?

Congressman John Conyers’ Blighted Homes And His Trail  Of Blighted Properties And Unpaid Taxes  When I was a kid growing up in Detroit in the early 1970s, I remember hearing stories about John Conyers. My parents had friends who were cops in Detroit during the 1967 Riot. They would tell stories of how John Conyers […]

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