Copyright troll attorney

Copyright Troll Attorney Mathew Higbee & Associates

How To Deal With Extortion Threats By Copyright Troll Attorney Mathew Higbee & Associates So, you have received a letter or email from copyright troll attorney Mathew Higbee & Associates. Not to worry, you are not alone. Like MFI-Miami and other businesses, we have have all gotten numerous emails and other written correspondence from these […]

former porn lawyer

Former Porn Lawyer Off To Federal Prison For Mortgage Fraud

Former Porn Lawyer Paul Nicoletti Is Going To Federal Prison For 70 Months After Committing Mortgage Fraud Former porn lawyer Paul Nicoletti was sentenced to 70 months in federal prison. A federal jury found Nicoletti guilty on one count of conspiracy to commit bank fraud. They also found him guilty of three counts of bank […]

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