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Sore Loser Dan Gilbert And His Lawyers Go Full Blown Joan Crawford

Sore Loser Dan Gilbert And His Lawyers Have Joan Crawford Style Conniption Fit. They Refuse To Pay $740 Million Verdict  Sore loser Dan Gilbert is having another one of his over-the-top Joan Crawford style public conniption fits. It’s not the first time Gilbert and his organization have had temper tantrums when Gilbert doesn’t get what he […]

Amrock Title

Dan Gilbert’s Amrock Title Ordered To Shell Out $740 Million

Texas Judge Orders Dan Gilbert’s Amrock Title To Pay $740 million to HouseCanary In Software Stealing Case A Texas judge has ordered the Dan Gilbert-owned Amrock Title (f/k/a Title Source) $740 million in a software stealing case. Gilbert’s lawyers tried to have the court vacate a jury’s earlier decision from March. A jury ordered Amrock Title to pay […]


Amrock Title Hit With $706 Million Judgment For Stealing Trade Secrets

Dan Gilbert Owned Amrock Title Hit With $706 Million Judgment By Texas Jury In Software Stealing Case Dan Gilbert-owned Amrock Title has been ordered to pay $706.2 million to a tech startup. A Texas jury found this week that Amrock had stolen trade secrets from a real estate data firm. The jury awarded HouseCanary $235.4 […]

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