Madoff Accountant Dodges Prison By Claiming Stupidity

Madoff Accountant David G. Friehling Dodges Prison By Claiming To be An Idiot “Tip for Fraudsters: Stupid is not a crime. Take the advice of Madoff’s accountant: ““I would rather be regarded as dumb than crooked.” — David G. Friehling” – Sam E. Antar A federal judge yesterday sentenced Madoff Accountant Mr. Friehling, 55, to a […]

JPMorgan Chase

So, You’re Being Investigated For Mortgage Fraud?

Contrary To What The Prosecutor May Allege, You Committed Mortgage Fraud, Doesn’t Mean You’re Guilty. Clients accused of mortgage fraud tell MFI-Miami they didn’t know they were committing a crime. In most cases, mortgage fraud suspects are usually right. The fraud is in the imagination of the prosecutor or U.S. Attorney with political ambitions. Most […]

JPMorgan Chase Loan Officer

MFI-Miami Is Expanding Into White Collar Criminal Defense

MFI-Miami In White Collar Criminal Defense With Emphasis On Bank Fraud, Mortgage Fraud & Short Sale Fraud Cases (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) Steve Dibert, President of internationally-renowned mortgage fraud investigation firm, MFI-Miami, announced today that MFI-Miami is now expanding its services into white collar criminal defense with an emphasis on bank fraud, mortgage fraud and short […]

Mortgage Fraud Criminal Defense

Utah Creates Internet Registry For White Collar Criminals

Utah State Senator Wants To Take The Idea National   We all know that states have websites that track sex offenders track serial killers and that some states like Florida post mugshots of drunk drivers. Now, Utah is about to add another category to the Rogues Gallery list of websites by creating a website that […]

Deutsche Bank

Lisa Epstein Will You Please Go Now!

Steve Dibert, MFI-Miami For those of you who were wondering what happened in the race for Palm County Clerk of the Court on Tuesday, the fine voters of Palm Beach County have basically given an experienced public servant, Sharon Bock, a mandate  with 86,957 votes (76.31%).   They rejected Lisa Epstein, founder of Foreclosure Hamlet, […]

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