Embattled Wells Fargo Bank

Embattled Wells Fargo Bank Busted Again Overcharging Fees

Embattled Wells Fargo Bank Busted For Overcharging Monthly Service Fees To Account Holders It seems as if embattled Wells Fargo Bank never learns. The embattled bank expects to refund some customers for monthly account service fees due to “confusion” over how to qualify to have the fees waived.  The bank hasn’t disclosed how many customers might […]

wells fargo banker

Wells Fargo Banker Pleads Guilty for Helping Fake Movie Producers

Former Wells Fargo Banker Pleads Guilty for Helping Fake Movie Producers A former Wells Fargo banker pled guilty today for his involvement in a fake $60 million movie producing scam. Benjamin Rafael admitted his role in the sophisticated fraud scheme during a change-of-plea hearing. Rafael pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit wire […]

fake movie producers

Fake Movie Producers Used Wells Fargo Employee To Scam Investors

Fake Movie Producers And Wells Fargo Employee Arrested For Fraud And Money Laundering In Fake Movie Scam Two fake movie producers failed miserably doing their Bialystock and Bloom cosplay with their millionaire investors. They and a former Wells Fargo Bank employee were arrested on fraud and money laundering charges. The trio of fake Spielbergs was […]

Dual Tracking

Dual Tracking Lawsuit Filed Against Wells Fargo By Dementia Victim

Dementia Victim’s Family Files Federal Lawsuit Against Wells Fargo Alleging Dual Tracking Scam In His Foreclosure A Mississippi daughter and father have filed a federal lawsuit against Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. They allege Wells Fargo unlawfully foreclosed on the father’s home using illegal dual tracking methods. Patty Parrish filed the lawsuit on behalf of her father, […]

mass wells fargo firings

Mass Wells Fargo Firings Begin In Time For The Holidays

Wells Fargo CEO Tim Sloan Dons His Grinch Costume Announces Mass Wells Fargo Firings For The Holidays Mass Wells Fargo firings have announced just in time for the holidays. Wells Fargo informed 1,000 employees their jobs will be eliminated. The bank’s consumer lending divisions will see the biggest hit. employees in those divisions will see […]

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