Ex-WaMu Executives Near Settlement W/ Feds Over Bank’s Collapse

Jesse Hamilton, Bloomberg Former Washington Mutual Inc. Chief Executive Officer Kerry Killinger and two other bank officials are in settlement talks with the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, the last chapter in the government’s probe of the largest U.S. bank failure. The regulator is weighing a settlement with Killinger, former chief operating officer Stephen Rotella […]


JPMorgan Still Isn’t Sure What It Bought From The FDIC WaMu Fire Sale

JPMorgan Has No Idea What they Bought From The FDIC Matt Levine of Bloomberg wrote a great piece about how JPMorgan Chase has no idea what WaMu Assets They Bought From The FDIC You may have heard that the nation’s third largest bank is paying a lot of people billions of dollars to settle those […]

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