The Shelly Petrolia Goon Squad: Petrolia Is A Mayor Not A Mob Boss

The Shelly Petrolia Goon Squad Bullies And Harasses People Who Speak Out Against Shelly Petrolia I initially thought stories about the Shelly Petrolia Goon Squad and Petrolia’s half ass mob boss tactics were exaggerations. Unfortunately, more and more people began telling me of Shelly Petrolia’s Tony Soprano style tactics. Everyone had a story about being […]

Shelly Petrolia Recruit

Does Shelly Petrolia Recruit Campaign Staff From Parole Board Hearings?

Does Shelly Petrolia Recruit Campaign Staff By Holding Tupperware Parties Outside The Parole Board Office? The 2021 Delray Beach mayoral race is definitely one of the craziest elections I have ever witnessed.  Incumbent Mayor Shelly Petrolia is running her campaign like she’s some campy villain from the 1960s Batman TV show.  As a result, it makes […]

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