BofA & JPMorgan Say They Have Fulfilled Mortgage Settlement Terms

Wells Fargo says it is “90% of the way” to meeting its obligations, and Citigroup declines to characterize its progress. E. Scott Reckard, Los Angeles Times Bank of America Corp. and JPMorgan Chase & Co. say they have satisfied their obligations to help troubled borrowers under last year’s landmark mortgage settlement with state and federal officials. Another bank […]

star trek fan films

Congress Furious That IRS Spent $60K Making Horrible Star Trek Fan Films

BAK TAG! Will Acting IRS Commissioner Live Long And Prosper In His Current Position After Making Star Trek Fan Films? Okay I admit, I’ve gone to my fair share of comic book conventions. These conventions are filled with hordes of Star Trek fan films. In addition to fan-made costumes and art. If you’re lucky you […]

Bankster Wells Fargo To Muscle Bigger Share Of The Ghetto Loansharking Market

It’s Over For The Little Guy As Wells Fargo Begins Loansharking By Squeezing Out The Locals And Charging $225%-300% APR   “Ask a brother who’s been downsized if he’s getting any deal.  Oh, a brother can work in fast food if he can’t invent computer games but what we used to call America, that’s going […]


How Many Billions Must A Bank Launder Before You Call It A Crime?…

The Answer My Friend Is Blowin’ In The Wind   “HSBC isn’t needed here and has nothing to offer other than unique gigantism as a scofflaw.” -Andrew Kahr, American Banker For nearly nine months now, its been known that British bank HSBC laundered nearly $10 Billion for Mexican drug cartels through their U.S. and Mexican operations, financed […]

GOP Wants To Defund Housing Group That Doesn’t Exist

Zach Carter, Huffington Post A new short-term budget bill introduced on Monday by House Republicans includes a bizarre provision banning federal funding to anti-poverty group ACORN, despite the fact that the group has already been stripped of federal funding — and has been defunct for nearly three years. ACORN leaders announced that the group was […]

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