Florida AG Pam Bondi

Was Florida AG Pam Bondi Bought Off By Donald Trump?

It Seems Like Florida AG Pam Bondi Solicited A Bribe From Donald Trump  It appears Florida AG Pam Bondi openly solicited a donation from Donald Trump. Trump made a contribution to her PACs named And Justice for All. The payment was in order to drop the investigation into the Trump University scam.  Bondi thought it would […]

Donald Trump Channeling

Is Donald Trump Channeling His Bromance With Roy Cohn?

Is Donald Trump Channeling His Old Bromance With Former Mentor And Scumbag Lawyer Roy Cohn?  Is Donald Trump channeling his 70s and 80s bromance with his former mentor and scumbag lawyer Roy Cohn?  People who have watched Trump and his career over the past 40 years believe his latest rants against U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel […]

Trump University Scam

Is The Trump University Scam Like Herpes For Trump?

Trump University Scam Is Like A Herpes Outbreak For Donald Trump. The Scandal Is A Source Of Extreme Pain That Flares Up At Inopportune Times And Never Ends The Trump University scam seems like it is afflicting Donald Trump like a raging case of Herpes. As extremely painful developments in the lawsuits against the billionaire flare up […]

Florida Barbie Is A Puppet Of Deep Pocketed Lobbyists? Say Ain’t So!

With Less Than A week Before Her Re-Election, Florida Media Finally Makes A Big Deal About Florida Barbie Being A Puppet To Special Interest Groups With less than a week to go before the November election, the Miami Herald, one of the last major newspapers in Florida, is finally running a piece about Florida Attorney […]

Florida Barbie

Florida Barbie Drops Investigation Against Donald Trump After He Gives Her A $25K Campaign Check

Florida Barbie’s Dropping Investigation Against Donald Trump Brings Potential Ethics Issues   Last month, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi thought it would be great public relations to follow New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s lead after he filed a $40 million lawsuit against Donald Trump’s faux University, Trump University. Schneiderman sued Trump over Trump University for […]

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