Mortgage Servicer SLS

Mortgage Servicer SLS Goes All Lord Humungus On MFI-Miami

Mortgage Servicer SLS Has Lawyers Go All Lord Humungus On MFI-Miami  It seems as if MFI-Miami has gotten the attention of Australian-owned mortgage servicer SLS or Specialized Loan Servicing. As a result, SLS has now used its lawyers to go all Lord Humungus on MFI-Miami. Hopefully, you’re old enough to remember who Lord Humungus was. For […]

Australian-Owned Specialized Loan Servicing

Australian-Owned Specialized Loan Servicing Says, “Eff You, USA!”

Australian-Owned Specialized Loan Servicing Defies Trump COVID-19 Foreclosure Moratorium. SLS Wants Your House!  It appears Australia is sending a big “FUCK YOU, AMERICA! WE’RE TAKING YOUR HOMES!” to American homeowners. Although, both countries seem to be in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. Australian-owned Specialized Loan Servicing also has no problem issuing demands to Americans […]

Trump Foreclosure Moratorium Does Not Apply To All Mortgages

The 60-Day Trump Foreclosure Moratorium Does Not Apply To All Mortgages. Non-GSE Loans And Non-FHA Loans Not Part Of The Moratorium The 60-Day Trump Foreclosure Moratorium that President Trump announced Wednesday applies to most but not all mortgages. President Trump announced HUD is suspending all foreclosures and evictions for 60 days. The HUD foreclosure and eviction […]

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