Did The Lincoln Project Bamboozle Democrats Out Of $67 Million?

Liberal Groups Spent $67 Million With The Lincoln Project. The GOP Super PAC Promised It Would Shrink Trump’s Base. It Never Happened. You probably saw a lot of anti-Trump ads on TV and social media by the Lincoln Project. But, what was the Lincoln Project? The Lincoln Project was a group of longtime Republican operatives […]

real estate industry insiders

Real Estate Industry Insiders Tell Trump To Put Up Or Shut Up

Real Estate Industry Insiders Tell Trump To Put Up Or Shut Up About Election Fraud. They Claim He’s Hurting The Industry The real estate industry website The Real Deal is reporting that industry insiders are unhappy with President Trump. They claim that his unprovable conspiracy theories of voter fraud will hurt the real estate industry […]

JPMorgan Chase Busted

JPMorgan Chase Running A Stealth Campaign Against Trump

JPMorgan Chase Busted Being Involved In Stealth Partnership With Liberal Groups To Unseat President Trump JPMorgan Chase busted running a clandestine operation to unseat President Trump and elect Joe Biden for President. MFI-Miami has learned about the operation thanks to someone at JPMorgan Chase dropping the ball over a decade ago. In addition, JPMorgan Chase […]

Students For Trump

Students For Trump Founder Pleads Guilty To Running Law Firm Scam

Students For Trump Founder John Lambert Created Fake Law Firm And Pretended To Be A Qualified Lawyer The founder of Students For Trump has pleaded guilty to fraud after pretending to be an attorney. He and an accomplice providing unlicensed legal advice to scam people out of $46,000. John Lambert, 23, of Knoxville, Tennessee enter […]

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