Bring Us MI Rep. Tom McMillin’s Catalytic Converter, We’ll Pay You $500

Anarcho-Capitalist State Rep Tom McMillin Doesn’t Believe MI Legislature Should Regulate Theft of Private Property I will pay $500 to anyone who brings me the catalytic converter off State Rep. Tom McMillin’s car. Plop it on my desk and I will give you $500 in cold hard cash with no questions asked. If you bring me […]

The Michigan GOP Has Just Made It Easier For Scrappers To Steal From You

The Michigan GOP Just Made It easier For Scrappers To Tear Your House Apart While You’re At Work   “If I have to be troubled to reach all the way into my pocket and pull out my driver’s license to buy a box of Sudafed, why can’t we burden the scrap yard to ask for […]

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