Ataris Bassist Admits To Masterminding Massive Real Estate Scheme

Ataris Bassist Michael Davenport Admits To Masterminding $27 Million Real Estate Fraud Scheme Using Craigslist Former Ataris bassist Micheal Davenport admitted in court that he spearheaded a massive real estate scam. The scam defrauded more than 100,000 people nationwide out of more than $27 million. The former Ataris bassist pleaded guilty to a charge of conspiracy […]

Michael Davenport

Ataris Bassist Michael Davenport Accused Of Running $27 Million Fraud Scheme

Ataris Bassist Michael Davenport Accused Of Running $27 Million Real Estate Fraud Scheme Using Craigslist Michael Davenport was arraigned federal court in today in the Southern District of Illinois. Davenport is the former bassist for turn-of-the-century pop-punk stalwarts The Ataris. The government is accusing Michael Davenport of multiple counts of wire fraud and one count of […]

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3 Telemarketing Firms Face $1 Trillion Fine

Three Utah Based Telemarketing Firms Face $1 Trillion Dollar Fine For Calling People On The “Do Not Call” List Three Utah-based telemarketing firms face a massive $1 Trillion fine from the U.S. DOJ on behalf of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The three telemarketing firms are waiting on the judge to decide how much they’ll have […]

Economic Genocide

Selling $18M In Fake Detroit Real Estate Gets Man Prison

Telemarketing Scammer Conned 290 People In 47 States & Canada Into Buying $18 Million In Fake Detroit Real Estate Joseph Haden conned hundreds of people into buying $18 million of fake Detroit real estate from his office in Florida. He is now going to prison for 52 months.  Haden and his team of telemarketers made unsolicited […]

Detroit Real Estate Scam

Detroit Real Estate Scam Operator Extradited from Spain

Erez Arsoni Was Busted Operating A $20 Million Detroit Real Estate scam From An Office In New York Erez Arsoni, a telemarketing firm owner in New York who fled to Spain after it was discovered he was operating a $20 million Detroit real estate scam out of his New York office has been extradited to […]

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