JPM Chase pulls back from mortgage lending on foreclosure worries

By David Henry Reuters JPMorgan Chase & Co, the second-largest U.S. mortgage lender, is backing away from making home loans to less creditworthy borrowers after losing faith in its ability to recover much money from foreclosing on homes, even with government guarantees. The shift reflects a change in the way JPMorgan runs its mortgage business: […]

U.S. Sues Wells Fargo, Accusing It of Lying About Mortgages

Peter Lattman, NY Times United States prosecutors sued Wells Fargo on Tuesday, accusing it of lying about the quality of the mortgages it handled under a federal housing program. It was the latest in a series of lawsuits related to banks’ lending practices during the housing boom. In a lawsuit filed in Federal District Court […]

Woman Fighting Cancer And Wells Fargo Has Reason To Smile

BILL MCGINTY / NBC Charlotte The last few months haven’t been easy for Cindi and Kirk Davis of Mount Holly. “You can only hold on for so long, and I don’t know what to do at this point,” said Cindi as she fought back tears. Life for her has been sad and uncertain, and there […]

Wells Fargo Tells Couple, “Contract…We Don’t Have To Abide By No Stinkin’ Contract!”

David Lazarus, LA Times Question: When is a contract not worth the paper it’s printed on? Answer: When it contains weasel words so broad in scope that one party is free to change whatever it wants, whenever it wants. Janet Bandur and her husband, Darrell, discovered this after Wells Fargo contacted them recently to say […]

Wells Fargo To Dying Woman: We Changed Our Minds, So Drop Dead!

Wells Fargo Retracts Offer To Help Woman Dying Of Cancer Battling cancer is difficult enough without your mortgage lender deciding to foreclose on your home just weeks after saying it was trying to help. Yet that appears to be what’s happening to Cindi Davis, a North Carolina woman diagnosed with terminal breast cancer. Back in […]

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