Attention Florida Homeowners

Attention Florida Homeowners: SLS Is Cranking Up Foreclosures!

Attention Florida Homeowners: Specialized Loan Servicing Is Cranking Up Florida Foreclosures For The Holidays! Are You Prepared?  Attention Florida Homeowners! Specialized Loan Servicing is cranking up Florida foreclosures. This is bad news for Florida homeowners because SPS is hellbent on seizing your home!  Therefore, MFI-Miami has teamed up with several Florida law firms to create a […]

specialized loan servicing warning

Specialized Loan Servicing Warning! SLS Is Pursuing Zombie Debt

Specialized Loan Servicing Warning! Specialized Loan Servicing Is Shaking Down You Down Over Uncollectable Zombie 2nd Mortgages MFI-Miami is issuing a Specialized Loan Servicing Warning! Armies of bottom-feeding lawyers armed with thousands of zombie foreclosures coming to your front door! They are barging down the doors of courthouses across New York like Walmart shoppers on […]

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