Who Is Shelly Petrolia’s Worst Enemy In Her Mayoral Race?

Mayor Shelly Petrolia’s Worst Enemy In Her Re-Election Campaign Is Her Catty Husband, Tony “The Gavone” Petrolia  The Delray Beach mayoral race has turned into an episode of the TV show, Dynasty. In this ugly prime time soap opera, Shelly Petrolia’s worst enemy has emerged and it’s not Tracy Caruso. As it turns out, it […]

The Shelly Petrolia Goon Squad: Petrolia Is A Mayor Not A Mob Boss

The Shelly Petrolia Goon Squad Bullies And Harasses People Who Speak Out Against Shelly Petrolia I initially thought stories about the Shelly Petrolia Goon Squad and Petrolia’s half ass mob boss tactics were exaggerations. Unfortunately, more and more people began telling me of Shelly Petrolia’s Tony Soprano style tactics. Everyone had a story about being […]

Shelly Petrolia Racist Comments

More Racist Comments From Shelly Petrolia Have Emerged

More Racist Comments From Shelly Petrolia Have Emerged. Delray Beach Voters Do Collective Face Palm More racist comments from Shelly Petrolia have emerged and the comments are adding fuel what is already a hot button issue in her re-election bid. Petrolia’s racism against members of Delray Beach’s black community is well documented. As result, it […]

Shelly Petrolia Crime Files

The Shelly Petrolia Crime Files Part 1: Petrolia Pleads The 5th

The Shelly Petrolia Crime Files Part 1: Lawsuit Reveals Mayor Pleaded The 5th Concerning Emails. What’s She Hiding? The Shelly Petrolia crime files are finally beginning to open and they are not pretty. The files will most likely cost the Delray Beach Mayor her job. Petrolia will also be lucky if she doesn’t up behind […]

Shelly Petrolia Begging

Is Shelly Petrolia Begging For Help From The Florida Democratic Party?

Is Shelly Petrolia Begging The Florida Democratic Party To Rescue Her Sinking Re-Election Campaign? Is Delray Beach Mayor Shelly Petrolia begging the Florida Democratic Party and outside liberal groups to save her? Petrolia’s campaign finance reports don’t reflect any assistance as required under Florida law. However, it doesn’t mean she’s not reporting it or that […]

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