wtc first responders

WTC First Responders And Ground Zero Workers: We Are Here To Help You!

MFI-Miami Is Here To Help WTC First Responders And Ground Zero Workers With Their Mortgage Lender MFI-Miami is here to help WTC First Responders or all Ground Zero workers. I am offering MFI-Miami’s services at cost to any first responders or Ground Zero workers affected by 9/11 related illnesses. You sacrificed for New York. It’s […]

Bronx Foreclosure Defense 411

Bronx Foreclosure Defense 411: Robo-Signing

Bronx Foreclosure Defense 411: How To Use Robo-Signing In A Bronx Foreclosure Defense People ask me all the time about Robo-signing. So, It’s time to talk about Robo-signing in this installment of Bronx Foreclosure Defense 411. A foreclosing lender must demonstrate three things in order to foreclose. The first being that they must prove the homeowner has defaulted […]

Bronx Foreclosure Settlement Conferences

Bronx Foreclosure Settlement Conferences

Bronx Foreclosure Settlement Conferences Can Save Your Home New York law requires mediation to assist borrowers to avoid foreclosure. Bronx Foreclosure Settlement Conferences allow borrowers a face-to-face meeting with their lender. Homeowners can also benefit even if they can’t afford to keep their homes. What Are Bronx Foreclosure Settlement Conferences? Typical Bronx foreclosure settlement conferences […]

bronx foreclosure defenses

Best Bronx Foreclosure Defenses

Best Bronx Foreclosure Defenses: New York’s Produce the Note Law Foreclosure Laws In New York Allow For Stronger Bronx Foreclosure Defenses  New York law allows for strong Bronx foreclosure defenses. Furthermore, state law ensures that the foreclosing party has the correct documents in place. New York law requires that the foreclosing party “produce the note” […]

Bronx Foreclosure Defense

Bronx Foreclosure Defense Team Hits Home Runs Out Of The Ball Park MFI-Miami has created the most aggressive Bronx foreclosure defense team New York has ever seen! We are the only foreclosure and mortgage experts with the strength to successfully challenge any Wall Street lender in a Bronx or New York courtroom. Our competitors show off […]

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