Once Upon A Time Baby Boomers Spit On U.S. Soldiers And Called Them, “Baby Killers”…

Now Baby Boomers Steal Their Homes  “We have been sounding the alarms that the banks are illegally evicting the very men and women who are out there fighting for this country. This is a devastating confirmation of that.” -Col. John S. Odom Jr.,USAF (Ret.) America’s men and women who have the brass cojones to don the uniforms […]

Ocwen reduces principal on old Saxon mortgages

Jon Prior, Housing Wire Billions in mortgages once handled by Saxon Mortgage Services received more principal write downs since Ocwen Financial Corp.($26.24 -0.02%) took over the portfolio. Ocwen, now the largest subprime servicer in the U.S., completed its October 2011 acquisition of Saxon from Morgan Stanley ($17.080.83%) in April 2012. More than $22 billion in mortgages transferred through the deal. Just 11% of all modifications […]

Ilsa Koch

She May Not Be Ilsa Koch, She-Wolf of the SS, But…

But Linda Orlans Is As Close As Detroit Can Get To Ilsa Koch, She-Wolf Of The SS I first came across Ilsa Koch wannabe Linda Orlans two years ago. Her firm tried unsuccessfully to kick an abused women with mental illness out of her home in western Massachusetts. Dealing with Linda Orlans is like dealing […]

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