Rudy Giuliani Bounced

Rudy Giuliani Allegedly Bounces $10,000 Check To Ex-Wife

Rudy Giuliani Bounced A $10,000 Check To His Ex-Wife. She Suing Him For $262,000. She Threatens Him With Jail If He Doesn’t Pay Up! The ex-wife of Rudy Giuliani claims he wrote her a bogus check for $10,000 check. She claims he owes her money for the bounced check in a lawsuit alleging he owes […]

Rudy Guiliani Faces Disbarment

Rudy Giuliani Faces Disbarment From The New York State Bar

Rudy Giuliani Faces Disbarment From New York State Bar After Several People File Bar Complaints  It looks like Rudy Giuliani’s unhinge behavior over the past month has caught up with him. Rudy Giuliani faces disbarment from the New York State Bar. Giuliani for his bat-shit crazy behavior in Trump’s voter fraud scam.  Congressman Bill Pascrell […]

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