Organized Crime

Why Organized Crime Has Become the Bankers’ Best Friend

Organized Crime Has Become the Bankers’ Best Friend Rowan Bosworth-Davies wrote a great piece on his Rowans Blog site about how organized crime has become the banker’s best friend. At a time of significant financial crisis, banks are always looking for ways to maintain their profit margins and encourage inward deposit-taking. Despite stringent anti-money laundering laws, […]

How The Legacy Of Thatcher And Reagan Made The 2008 Financial Crisis Inevitable

Rowan Bosworth-Davies, Rowans Blog All sort of explanations have been put forward to try and explain the 2008 financial crisis. Some of them have been almost unbelievably simplistic (most bankers are crooks – closer to the truth than most people care to imagine), while some of them have been irredeemably complex and opaque (anything written […]

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