Federal COA Grants Borrowers Legal Standing To Challenge Mortgage Assignments

But Upholds MERS System Richard Vetstein, Massachusetts Real Estate Law Blog What entity is not a bank but claims to hold title to approximately half of all the mortgaged homes in the country? The answer is MERS. –Circuit Judge Bruce Seyla in Culhane v. Aurora Loan Servicing of Nebraska, For the second time in a week, […]

Mass SJC Rules In Favor of Fannie In Foreclosure Affidavit Case

Jenifer B. McKim, Boston Globe The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court on Friday affirmed a lower court decision in favor of mortgage giant Fannie Mae that removes a legal challenge for borrowers fighting foreclosure. The state’s top court ruled that a so-called “affidavit of sale” is enough for a lender to prove it has the right […]

Neil Garfield

Is Neil Garfield Fanning the Flames of Paranoia?

How Contributors To The Neil Garfield Website Living Lies Fan The Flames Of Hysteria and Paranoia Without Doing Any Research Steve Dibert, MFI-Miami While at my niece’s birthday party, I received an email from a reporter asking me if I knew anything about the foreclosure activist site, Foreclosure Blues.  Apparently, he read on Neil Garfield’s […]

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