pending housing recession

Pending Housing Recession Could Be Worse Than The 1980s

Wells Fargo Economists Warns Homeowners To Be Prepared. Pending Housing Recession Could Be Worse Than The 1980s! Wells Fargo economists have issued a warning. They are warning that the pending housing recession could be worse than the Reagan Recession of the early 1980s. Why? Well, for starters, they say the Federal Reserve’s aggressive rate hiking […]

home prices

Home Prices To Drop In Late 2022 According To MBA

Mortgage Bankers Association Predicts Home Prices Will Plummet By The End Of 2022 What goes up must come down and home prices are no different. The Mortgage Bankers Association is saying that is exactly what they predicting will happen. However, they say it won’t happen until the 4th quarter of 2022.  Even logic dictates home […]

pandemic housing boom

Pandemic Housing Boom Is Over!

Pandemic Housing Boom Is Officially Over As New Home Sale Plummet To Pre-Pandemic Lows The pandemic housing boom is officially over! The U.S. Census Bureau is stating sales of newly built homes dropped in June to the lowest level since the early days of the coronavirus pandemic in April 2020. Sales of new single family […]

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