Elderly New York Woman

Elderly New York Woman Loses Her Home To Deed Fraud

Elderly New York Woman Loses Her $350,000 Home After Her Neighbor’s Daughter Forged The Deed To Become Legal Owner Of The Property Authorities have accused Aurelia Soogea of stealing the home of an elderly New York woman. Police arrested Soogea on charges of forging a deed to Rosemary Myka’s home. However, Soogea insists woman gave […]

Rampant Deed Fraud

Rampant Deed Fraud Finally Being Addressed By Florida Counties

Florida Counties Finally Address Rampant Deed Fraud. They Begin Cracking Down And Making Arrests Homeowners are dead and their heirs are getting stiffed. All thanks to rampant deed fraud. Deed fraud has plagued South Florida for decades and local governments turned a blind eye to it until now.  Authorities arrested two women they say got […]

Florida Mortgage Fraud Scheme

Ringleaders Of A $20 Million Florida Mortgage Fraud Scheme Convicted

Former Newspaper Publisher, Mortgage Lender, and Real Estate Agent Convicted in $20 Million Florida Mortgage Fraud Scheme A federal jury convicted a four people in a $20 million Florida mortgage fraud scheme. The four people included a former Miami newspaper publisher and mortgage lender. The Florida mortgage fraud scheme also included a mortgage broker and real […]

Charlotte Property Investor

Charlotte Property Investor Admits To Ponzi Scheme

Charlotte Property Investor Frank Enrique Lleras Admits To Real Estate And Securities Fraud Using Foreign Investors Charlotte property investor Frank Enrique Lleras pleaded guilty to fraud in federal court on Wednesday. Lleras admitted he cheated at least 20 victims out of over $3 million. He also admitted using the money on himself to purchase expensive […]

Economic Genocide

Selling $18M In Fake Detroit Real Estate Gets Man Prison

Telemarketing Scammer Conned 290 People In 47 States & Canada Into Buying $18 Million In Fake Detroit Real Estate Joseph Haden conned hundreds of people into buying $18 million of fake Detroit real estate from his office in Florida. He is now going to prison for 52 months.  Haden and his team of telemarketers made unsolicited […]

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