Fernando Palazuelo! C’mon Down! You’re The Next Contestant On “Who Wants To Buy 40 Acres Of Wasteland?”

Fernando Palazuelo Appears To Be Lead Actor In A Soap Opera That Will Cost Wayne County Taxpayers $1.8 Milion Thanks To Wojtowicz   After nearly three weeks of watching Wayne County Treasurer Raymond Wojtowicz and his Deputy Treasurer David Szymanski incompetent handling the tax auction of the 40 acre abandoned Packard Plant in Detroit, Peruvian Developer, Fernando […]

Wayne County

Storage Wars Cosplay = Wasted Wayne County Tax Dollars

Packard Auction Shows Why Former Soviet Republics Have Higher Bond Ratings Than Wayne County “You’re going to find out, if you stick around, that a lot of the people holding political power are some bizarre incompetent sons of bitches” -Detroit Political Consultant Adolph Mongo After nearly two weeks of watching Wayne County Treasurer Raymond Wojtowicz […]

World's Largest Industrial Ruin

Are The Top Bidders For The World’s Largest Industrial Ruin Sniffing Glue?

Jill Van Horn Issues Rambling Press Release Referring To Herself As A Prophet Who Will Save The World’s Largest Industrial Ruin And Detroit    “Prior to placing the bid on the Packard Plant, Dr. Van Horn’s prophecy was to resurrect Detroit by providing education, jobs and vocational training to the city’s residence, simultaneously unplugging the financial arteries […]

David Szymanski

Is David Szymanski The Katie Bueller Of Detroit?

Even Ferris Bueller’s Gullible Mom Wouldn’t Believe The $6 Million Bid For The Packard Plant Is Serious But Wayne County Deputy Treasurer David Szymanski Does   “Wake up and smell the coffee, Mrs. Bueller. It’s a fool’s paradise. He is just leading you down the primrose path.” -Edward R. Rooney, Dean of Students, Ferris Bueller’s Day […]

Something Is Not Right With This $6 Million Bid To Buy The World Largest Industrial Ruin

Enigmatic Bid And Cryptic Answers Make It Appear Shenanigans Are Afoot With $6 Million Pandemonium erupted in Detroit media last night and today when it was announced that a doctor from suburban Houston named Jill Van Horn was the top bidder for the abandoned Packard plant on Detroit’s east side with a winning bid of […]

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