SCOTUS Agrees To Decide If Quicken Loans Screwed Former Employees

SCOTUS Will Decide IF Quicken Loans Screwed Their Employees The U.S. Supreme Court or SCOTUS has agreed to hear an appeal from former mortgage brokers for Detroit-based Quicken Loans who claim the online mortgage giant owes them overtime pay for their work in the last decade. The justices said today they will review a lower court ruling […]

Quicken Loans Trial Starts

This quote from Mayer Morganroth made me laugh because as I wrote about last week, Quicken’s so-called “experts” were nothing more than phone jockeys who pushed product and and took orders in a boiler room type atmosphere. “…the employees were akin to doctors and lawyers, professionals who don’t get overtime.” – Mayer Morganroth, Attorney for […]

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