GOP Senators

GOP Senators Block Watt Nomination For Head Of FHFA

GOP Senators Gives No Valid Reason To Oppose Watt GOP Senators today dealt a blow to President Barack Obama’s efforts to install his own nominee as regulator of Fannie Mae (FNMA) and Freddie Mac (FMCC), blocking an effort to confirm Representative Mel Watt to the post. Republicans cited misgivings about the qualifications of Watt, a North Carolina Democrat, to lead the Federal […]

Mortgage-Modification Program (Barely) Beats Critic’s Forecast

Alan Zibel, Wall Street Journal The government’s efforts to stem the housing crisis have fallen short of the sweeping plan outlined shortly after President Barack Obama took office. Still, the Obama administration’s much-criticized Home Affordable Modification Program has now eclipsed a prediction made by one of the program’s critics. In December 2010, the Congressional Oversight Panel, […]

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