Anti-Semitic Fraudster

Anti-Semitic Fraudster Steps Down As Chester Town Supervisor

Anti-Semitic Fraudster Alex Jamieson Steps Down As Chester Town Supervisor After Pleading Guity To Fraud Anti-Semitic fraudster Alex Jamieson pleaded guilty of making false unemployment statements. He also agreed to resign as Chester town supervisor on or before his sentencing hearing on November 20th. He waived his right both to a trial and an appeal at the […]


Faux United Monroe Charity Sees Donations Plummet

Faux United Monroe Charity Preserve Hudson Valley Sees Donations Plummet By 70% Faux United Monroe charity Preserve Hudson Valley saw donation plummet in 2016. Preserve Hudson Valley grossed $115,812.70 in 2015. The faux United Monroe charity also claims they raised $20,929 from the three fundraisers. However, Preserve Hudson Valley failed to disclose who the anonymous donors who […]

Alex Jamieson

Did Chester Town Supervisor Alex Jamieson Hand Chester To The Satmar?

Did Alex Jamieson Hand The Town Of Chester To The Satmar On A Silver Platter? Chester residents can thank Town Supervisor Alex Jamieson in six months when the Whispering Hills subdivision becomes the next Kiryas Joel.  It’s either due to Alex Jamieson’s incompetence as a politician or being an arrogant bigot.  First of all, Jamieson […]

American Legion Post Rents Hall To Cryptic Nazis For Satanic Ritual

American Legion Post 488 Rents Hall To Cryptic Nazi Cult For Satanic Ritual To Conjure The Dead  American Legion Post 488 in Monroe NY has rented their hall to a cryptic Nazi group that wants to conjure the dead for a fundraiser. Horrified veterans and residents are furious. They have contacted American Legion HQ In […]

Preserve Hudson Valley

Preserve Hudson Valley To Host Satanic Ritual To Conjure The Dead

Preserve Hudson Valley Hopes Conjuring The Dead Will Drive Hasidic Jews Out Of Orange County The leaders of Preserve Hudson Valley have truly lost their minds. They have hired a local occultist to conjure the dead at their April 25th fundraiser. The event is being held at American Legion Post #488 in Monroe. Post President Laurene […]

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