german crypto fraudster

German Crypto Fraudster Arrested By US Marshals In Florida

US Marshals Have Arrested German Crypto Fraudster Horst Jicha In Florida For Operating A Ponzi Scheme US Marshals have arrested a German crypto fraudster in Broward County a few days before Christmas. The federal indictment accuses Horst Jicha of running a cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme. The Department of Justice indicted Jicha with conspiracy to defraud the […]

Lebanese Citizen Indicted

Lebanese Citizen Indicted For Operating A $5.3M Ponzi Scheme

Lebanese Citizen Henry Abdo Indicted For Operating A $5.3 Million Ponzi Scheme Through His Foreign-Exchange Platform Through His Foreign-Exchange Platform Federal authorities in Southern Florida have indicted Lebanese citizen Henry Abdo. They allege Abdo orchestrated a $5 million Pnzi scheme through his company, Titanium Capital LLC (“Titanium”). The indictment alleges that Abdo committed wire fraud, […]

ponzi schemer

Ponzi Schemer Used Voodoo To Protect Herself From Investigators

Ponzi Schemer Dawn Bennett Attempted To Use Voodoo To Ward Off FBI Agents Investigating Her $20 Million Scam You need to give points to Ponzi schemer Dawn Bennett for creativity for trying to stop an FBI investigation. Most people operating multi-million dollar Ponzi schemes would flee the country or hire high priced lawyers. Not Bennet. She paid […]

Bank of America Sued For Involvement In 102 Million Dollar Ponzi Scheme

Was Bank of America Part Of A 102 Million Dollar Ponzi Scheme? Bank of America is accused in a lawsuit of providing more than 100 accounts to perpetuate a 102 million dollar Ponzi scheme. The class-action suit filed in Ocala, Florida. It follows a complaint last week by the SEC. The SEC alleges that five men and […]

Mississippi Ponzi Schemer

Mississippi Ponzi Schemer Busted In $100 Million Scam

Mississippi Ponzi Schemer Busted Scamming $100 Million From Hundreds Of Clients A Mississippi Ponzi schemer Arthur Lamar Adams was busted for stealing more than $100 million from hundreds of victims. The Department of Justice charged Arthur Lamar Adams with two counts of wire fraud and one count of bank fraud. The Clarion-Ledger reports: Investigators said […]

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