Angry San Diego Jury Bitchslaps Bank of America & City Attorney

 Bank of America & City Attorney Get Slapped By Judge Jeffrey Olson, who garnered national attention last week after the San Diego City Attorney brought vandalism charges against him for writing negative things in water soluble chalk on a sidewalk in front of a Bank of America branch has been acquitted by a San Diego […]

Arrogant BofA Executive Thinks BofA Is Above The U.S. Constitution

BofA Has Man Prosecuted For Writing Anti-Bank Messages On Public Sidewalk And Gets Judge To Bar 1st Amendment Arguments  Jeff Olson from San Diego, California will face jail time for writing anti-big bank messages in water-soluble chalk on public sidewalks outside BofA branches last year. To make matters worse the presiding judge in the case, Howard […]

star trek fan films

Congress Furious That IRS Spent $60K Making Horrible Star Trek Fan Films

BAK TAG! Will Acting IRS Commissioner Live Long And Prosper In His Current Position After Making Star Trek Fan Films? Okay I admit, I’ve gone to my fair share of comic book conventions. These conventions are filled with hordes of Star Trek fan films. In addition to fan-made costumes and art. If you’re lucky you […]

More Proof Obama Not A Socialist

White House Says No To Death Star Petition Proving Obama Not A Socialist Steve Dibert, MFI-Miami The White House has finally responded to a petition on its website urging construction of a Death Star for job creation and national defense purposes by 2016. Paul Shawcross, chief of the Science and Space Branch of the Office of Management and Budget, who […]

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