WTBQ Payola Scheme

WTBQ Damage Control Blows Up In Taylor Sterling’s Face

WTBQ Damage Control Over Allegations Of Animal Abuse By Station Manager Taylor Sterling Blow Up In Station Management’s Face WTBQ damage control regarding allegations of animal cruelty by Taylor Sterling seem to have failed. Angry animal lovers and animal activists in the Lower Hudson Valley are boycotting the station. Frank Truatt told business owners at […]

Looney WTBQ Host

Looney WTBQ Host To Spend Show Justifying Animal Cruelty

Looney WTBQ Host Taylor Sterling To Spend Her Show With A Fake Doctor Justifying The Animal Cruelty Looney WTBQ Station Manager Taylor Sterling has been working over time this week. She’s attempting to promote Friday’s installment of her show, The Taylored Word. It seems like her goal is to justify the cruelty she inflicts on her […]

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