GOP Leaders

GOP Leaders Plan To Give Michigan Taxpayers An $8.2+ Billion Stealth Tax Increase

Congressional GOP Leaders Want To Slap Michigan Taxpayers With An $8.2+ Billion Stealth Tax Increase GOP leaders in Washington want Michigan taxpayers to shell out billions of dollars in stealth tax increases starting in October.  President Trump’s inaugural budget calls for the abolishing of billions of dollars in tax deductions for state and local taxes. Trump’s […]

Puerto Rico

GOP Pulls A Merkel Turning Puerto Rico Into A Greek Tragedy

Congressional GOP Leaders Pulling A Maniacal Merkel With Puerto Rico Debt Restructuring By Refusing Assistance As Bond Holders Demand Payments Newly elected Republican Speaker of The U.S. and Ayn Rand enthusiast, Paul Ryan, along with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have ordered their armies of GOP congressional members to block any provisions in the newly […]

Paul Ryan’s “Young Guns” Attempt To Enhance Trott’s Potency

GOP Leadership Recruits “Young Guns” Due To Concerns Political Viagra May Not Enough To Turn David Into Goliath By Election Day   If you thought the GOP primary in Michigan’s 11th District between financial terrorist, David Trott and incumbent reindeer farmer, Kerry Bentivolio was an entertaining because of it’s pure absurdity, grab your popcorn kids […]

1st Circuit COA

Debt-Ridden Car Salesman Turned Congressman Lectures About Importance Of Balanced Budget

Car Salesman Turned Congressman Roger Williams Can’t Seem to Balance The Budget For His Business Car salesman turned congressman Roger Williams (R-TX) insisted that companies and individuals must balance their budgets “every single day.” Williams lectured Americans during a day-long hearing about Rep. Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) spending plan with the House Budget Committee. Ryan claims that the […]

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