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Lenders Must Prove Mortgage Acceleration Letters Are Mailed

Florida Court Says Lenders Must Prove Homeowners Received Mortgage Acceleration Letters Prior To Foreclosure The 2nd Florida DCA ruled that mortgage servicers must prove they mailed mortgage acceleration letters to a homeowner before initiating a foreclosure. The appellate court ruled in favor of homeowner Steven E. Soule. Soule appealed the final judgment of foreclosure entered […]

fighting foreclosures

Study This Book If You Want To Be Successful At Fighting Foreclosures

Understanding Sun Tzu’s Art of War Will Help In Fighting Foreclosures Fighting foreclosures is not hard if you understand Sun Tzu’s The Art of War. AOW has been studied by business leaders, military leaders and world leaders since Napoleon. In addition, it can also help in fighting foreclosures. It’s About Giving The Appearance You Have […]


This FHA Foreclosure Defense Strategy Stops Lenders In Their Tracks

Now An Ohio Legal Aid Firm Is Now Taking The FHA Foreclosure Defense Strategy To Another Level Most attorneys have been arguing what I call the “Paragraph 22” argument for a while. My argument refers to Paragraph 22 that appears in most standard mortgage agreements. Paragraph 22 basically says that the lender has to notify a […]

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