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Former New York State Trooper Faces Foreclosure Over $25 HOA Fee

Former New York State Trooper David Silva’s $25 HOA Late Fee Has Turned Into A $47,554 Foreclosure  Former New York State Trooper David Silva didn’t believe he deserved the $25 late fee from his HOA. So he refused to pay. Apparently, the trouble began when his condo switched property managers in June 2015.  Silva’s maintenance check for […]

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Palm Beach Court Starts Another Push To Clear Foreclosures

Palm Beach County Chief Judge Jeffrey Colbath is attempting to hasten Palm Beach County’s foreclosure process one more time as previous efforts to streamline the system and the approval of last year’s controversial fast-track foreclosure law have shown limited success. In March, Colbarth signed an order requiring attorneys who file certain motions in foreclosure cases to set a hearing date within five days or face judicial […]

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