Another Example Of Why Michigan Can’t Compete In The 21 Century

Michigan Can’t Compete In The 21 Century And It’s Not Beause Of Labor Unions, Liberals Or Taxes   “The role of government is customer service, and our citizens are our customers,” -Michigan Governor Rick Snyder Over the weekend, a friend of mine in metropolitan Detroit asked me to help her form a Michigan Limited Liability […]

Pyramid Scheme Marketeers

Pyramid Scheme Marketeers Offers Up The Final Solution Of Austerity

The Family Of Pyramid Scheme Marketeers Plan To Ravage The Treasures Of Michigan Is Becoming A Reality Last week, European-style austerity landed in America thanks to Michigan’s biggest Pyramid Scheme Marketeers. Austerity washed up on the banks of the Detroit River. Unfortunately, the masses were an army of rabid GOP politicians. All bought and paid […]

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