Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo Turns Their Stagecoach Into The 4 Horsemen Of The Apocalypse

Wells Fargo Retaliates Against ML-Implode By Illegally Freezing Bank Account Wells Fargo has been getting hammered lately on the blogosphere and in the international media over the past month because of the death of Norman Rousseau, the husband and father they drove to suicide with their foreclosure tactics that would give even Franz Kafka night […]

Woman Sues Wells Fargo For Driving Husband To Suicide

Oriane Rousseau says husband Norman’s suicide was a result of the bank kicking off a process from which they couldn’t escape Paul Harris, UK Guardian For Oriane and Norman Rousseau, their hopes of keeping the modest California house that had been their dream home ended with a loud noise while Oriane was in the kitchen. […]

International Media Blasting Wells Fargo For Driving Man to Suicide

Harry Bradford, Huffington Post Last Saturday night, Norman Rousseau reportedly spent hours trying to fix an old RV. He was facing the prospect of foreclosure, and he wasn’t about to see his family forced onto the street. Then mid-morning, with the RV’s engine in pieces, he shot and killed himself, CBS Los Angeles reports Rousseau, […]

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