New York Homeowners Form Conga Line To Florida

New York Homeowners Join Unhappy Business Owners In Conga Line To Florida The craziness in New York lately has driven New Yorkers to join business owners in their conga line to Florida. Armando Codina is one of them. He created a website about it to find more like-minded New York homeowners. He told Forbes: New […]

New York Shakedown

New York Shakedown! Visiting Healthcare Heroes Must Pay NYS Taxes

The New York Shakedown! New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Says Visiting Healthcare Heroes Must Pay NYS Income Taxes The New york Shakedown is back and this time Cuomo has health care workers in his sights. Health care heroes came from around the country to help fight the coronavirus outbreak in New York. Now Cuomo and the state […]

ny mansion tax

NYS Mansion Tax Causes Bruce Willis To Take 42% Loss On His Home

Actor Bruce Willis Takes Massive Loss Of 42% On His Westchester Home Thanks To The NYS Mansion Tax The NYS Mansion Tax is causing havoc with the luxury housing market. It’s also causing Manhattan property values to plummet. In addition, it’s also contributing to the mass exodus of people out of New York State.  What […]

New York Exit Tax

The New York Exit Tax: The Anal Intrusive Tax You Must Pay To Leave NY

Moving Out Of New York? New York State Wants To Chat With You About The New York Exit Tax Moving out of New York state? The New York State Department of Taxation and Finance wants you to sit down and have a nice chat. You see New York has a New York Exit Tax. Well, […]

tri-state businesses

Tri-State Businesses Join Conga Line Of Businesses Moving To Florida

Tri-State Businesses Join Conga Line Of New York City Businesses Fleeing To Florida Wall Street financial firms and other Tri-state businesses are seeking warmer weather and lower taxes in Florida. Hedge funds, private equity firms, and wealth management offices are leaving the northeast and heading to Miami and Palm Beach County. The Palm Beach County’s Business […]

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