New York Homeowners Form Conga Line To Florida

New York Homeowners Join Unhappy Business Owners In Conga Line To Florida The craziness in New York lately has driven New Yorkers to join business owners in their conga line to Florida. Armando Codina is one of them. He created a website about it to find more like-minded New York homeowners. He told Forbes: New […]

tri-state businesses

Tri-State Businesses Join Conga Line Of Businesses Moving To Florida

Tri-State Businesses Join Conga Line Of New York City Businesses Fleeing To Florida Wall Street financial firms and other Tri-state businesses are seeking warmer weather and lower taxes in Florida. Hedge funds, private equity firms, and wealth management offices are leaving the northeast and heading to Miami and Palm Beach County. The Palm Beach County’s Business […]

New York City Taxes

New York City Taxes Create A Conga Line Of Businesses To Miami

New York City Taxes Are Creating A 1300 Mile Conga Line Of Businesses Moving To Miami New York City taxes are starving small business owners. However, businesses are not shutting down. They’re just moving to South Florida and it’s showing in the numbers. Biz2Credit states Miami overtook New York City in small business development last […]

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