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Did Foreclosure Referees Get Transferred Because Of Whining Bankers?

Did Foreclosure Referee Get Transferred Because Of Bank Complaints? This article highlights what goes on behind the scenes in foreclosure courts using foreclosure referees all over the U.S. Foreclosure mill lawyers use their deep pockets to intimidate judges and foreclosure referees even in a state like New York that has some the most consumer-friendly courts in […]

NY Foreclosures Filings Higher Than The Fat Kid And the Old Man From UP!

As NY Foreclosures Rise More Homeowners Are Using Lawyers To Fight For Their Home   Filings for NY foreclosures have steadily increased since 2011. This is according to the New York State Office of Court Administration. The data also shows the number of homeowners represented by legal counsel has also spiked. Roughly 44,469 NY foreclosure filings […]

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