New York Lawmakers

New York Lawmakers Create $5 Billion Shoplifting Black Market

New York Lawmakers Have Created An Organized $5 Billion Black Market For Shoplifters To Fence Stolen Goods The crusade by New York lawmakers to go easy on “minor” crimes like shoplifting has proved to be a disaster. Shoplifting in New York City alone rising 64% since 2019. Shoplifting and other retail theft already cost New […]

Colin Schmitt

Colin Schmitt: A New Breed Of Cryptic Nazi Politician

Colin Schmitt Is A New Breed Of Cryptic Nazi Politician Who Pals Around With Bestiality Enthusiasts, Bigots, And Perverts Colin Schmitt is the Republican candidate running for the NYS Assembly in the 99th District. He showed up on our radar when he began appearing on WTBQ earlier this year. Schmitt frequently promotes his platform that calls for […]

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