New York Homeowners Form Conga Line To Florida

New York Homeowners Join Unhappy Business Owners In Conga Line To Florida The craziness in New York lately has driven New Yorkers to join business owners in their conga line to Florida. Armando Codina is one of them. He created a website about it to find more like-minded New York homeowners. He told Forbes: New […]

new york real estate values

Plummeting New York Real Estate Values Cause Escape From New York

New York Real Estate Values Plummet Because Of COVID-19 And Riots! Is It Time To Escape From New York? New York real estate values continue their descent into chaos! The number of real estate contracts signed for Manhattan apartments plunged 84% in May compared with last year. Experts blame shutdowns to prevent the spread of […]

real estate vultures

Real Estate Vultures Circle New York Homeowners In Foreclosure

NYS Courts Are Fast-Tracking Foreclosures As Real Estate Vultures Stalk New York Homeowners  Real estate vultures are watching you on the internet. They are waiting for the perfect moment to strike so they start pecking at your financial carcass. In addition, you may not even know they stole your house out from under you until […]

New York Real Estate

New York Real Estate Progeny Accused Of Sexual Harassment

New York Real Estate Progeny Marc Menowitz Accused Of Sexual Harassment By Two Different Women New York Real Estate progeny Marc Menowitz is accused of soliciting dirty photos from two female workers. He also hit on them repeatedly and retaliated when they rejected his advances according to multiple lawsuits. Alice Vysata and Kinga Tabares filed […]

Real Estate Industry

Real Estate Industry Bet Big On Joe Crowley And Lost

The Real Estate Industry Bet Heavily On The Re-Election Of Congressman Joe Crowley And Lost It All The real estate industry bet on Congressman Joe Crowley like a drunken British sailor a Pai Gow Parlor in Hong Kong. And like a drunken sailor, they saw their all-in bet go down in flames to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Cortez […]

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